Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sew Busy!

I know that I've been neglecting ya'll, but I've been so busy sewing! Last weekend, I completed 4 projects, Monday evening I completed another. I have two more that I am really hoping to finish before I leave for vacation on Friday morning! YIKES! I intended to spend yesterday afternoon sewing, but I ended up at my mom's house packing boxes! And since I haven't been sleeping well, I was too tired to sew anything after that. I tried, I really did.

I'm going to feature each completed project in a separate post. I'll start with a simple project, one for my doggie :-) Our cute as can be female cocker spaniel is in heat. Her previous owners bred her :-( And we just haven't quite gotten it worked out to get her spade yet. So anyway, she's been wearing little boys underpants turned backward (so her tail can stick out) while she is in heat. But I decided that she needed something cuter, that was easier on her tail. So I whipped up a couple of pairs of B!tch pants. I didn't take any pictures of my process, but here's a pic of Sierra in her cute heart panties.

Can ya tell she just loves them?

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