Friday, August 6, 2010

Fabulously Ugly

Now that I finally got my craft room painted, I headed out to some garage sales looking for a sewing chair to use at the fabulous table my dad made me for my birthday. So after a trip to the Farmer's Market, the Hubs and I headed out to a couple of garage sales. The first couple we a bust and we were thinking about going home, but I wanted to hit one more that had advertised craft supplies :-) I was actually thinking more about scoring some yarn or fabric or embellishments and less about finding a chair.

Right when we pulled up I saw these beauties...nice orange huh? They were marked at $7 each so I didn't look at them that closely. It was getting to be early afternoon and the sellers were getting anxious to get rid of some stuff, and told us to make an offer. I'm not usually big on wheelin' and dealin'. I usually just pay the asking price or don't buy it - I know, I know, it goes against the code of garage saling not to try to bargain. So, I put on my brave panties and asked her if she'd sell me both for $7. She offer to sell me both for $10, and if I'd had $10 on my I would have taken them for ten, but I only had $8. So I said, I only have $8. She paused...and then agreed to sell me both chairs for $8! SCORE!

So now I have a little work to do on the chairs before I can put them in the craft room, if only I could decide what color they want to be. Don't get me wrong, I like the orange - just not in my purple craft room. The seats of the chairs need to be replaced, down to the plywood. And they could be just a little cushier, so I'll be replacing the foam also. I think I'll put a fabric cover on the seat, instead of the faux-leather that's on there now.

So I'll take suggestions of what color you think I should paint these chairs. My mom is thinking that they should be green. With some funky green/purple combo fabric for the seat.

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