Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pattern Test...Diaper Bag

No, not for me. Sew4Home offers lots of great patterns, including this diaper bag. I thought this might make a good shower/baby gift, so I decided to try out the pattern. It was not terribly difficult, but I don't love the pattern. I'm not so sure it is the great gift I was hoping for. Oh well.

I do have a nice big tote bag...overnight bag...not sure what bag. I think it's quite large 15"x15"x7". Sew4Home says this is a small diaper bag! If I have to carry a diaper bag bigger than this when I have a kid, I don't think I'll be able to carry the bag and the kid!

I modified that patter slightly to fit my needs. I left off the front pocket and side gathered pocket, for 2 reasons. I didn't have enough fabric and I didn't think I needed them, although I think I would have liked the flat pocket on the front, but I couldn't leave off just the gathered pocket because of the design of the bag. I also left off the gathered pockets on the inside of the bag, again I didn't think I would need them and I didn't have enough fabric. I used 4 different fabrics to complete this bag, I wanted to use only fabrics that I had on hand, so I used a fabric with a light blue background with apples, pears, leaves and puppies on it for the outside of the bag and the front side of the strap. I used a plain black on the inside of the strap and the bottom of the bag (so the bottom wouldn't show the dirt and because I didn't have enough of the blue fabric), the facings are black with multicolored dots and finally the inside is a red nylon.

I think that it turned out nicely overall. I did break a needle sewing the final pieces together, but that was my fault, I thought that I had changed to a bigger needle, but I hadn't.

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