Friday, August 28, 2009

Vacation Yay!

I'm back from a fabulous week of vacation! Lots of sun, family and fun activities - including shopping of course :-) TONS of pic to upload, laundry to do and of course crafts to catch up on! Good thing I still have another weekend before it's back to work! Here's a quick recap with pictures!

First a Trip to the Forest History Center and back in time to the winter of 1900, when white pine logging was prime in Northern MN.
Then a trip to the Chippewa National Forest's Lost Forty, 144 acres of land that was incorrectly surveyed during the height of the logging period, this land has never been logged. Here's Jon and I with a 350 year old White Pine - we couldn't get our arms all the way around it.

Lastly a trip to the Hill Annex Mine to learn about the Mining of Iron Ore.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Really? Farve?

I want to like you I really do, but I feel as though you are playing your fans and the fans of the MN Vikings! Are you going to play for more than a year? You've retired twice already!! I hope that you can help the Vikings pull it together and win this year, but skipping training camp does not make you a team player!

Monday, August 17, 2009

So Excited!

I'm so excited that I won first prize on Golden Apple's give away! I got to choose from 4 fabulous prizes. I went with the sock knitting kit :-) I can't wait to get it and start knitting! Thanks Golden Apples and congratulations on your blogiversary!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fishing Trip

My husband loves to fish, so I reluctantly agreed to go fishing last Saturday. We took my friend Krista and met up with another friend, Jay near his family cabin on Clear Lake. We did catch a few fish, although no keepers and I took about 500 pictures and overall it was a good day! It was windy and a little cold, so we wore long sleeves and shorts and braved the wind from shore.

I convinced my hubby that we should bring our dog, Sierra. She doesn't love fishing, but she did have a great time running around the public landings we fished from. Here's a few pictures from our trip.

My Crappie

Jon's Northern

Krista's tiny Bluegill

Jay's Crappie

Sierra "supervising" the fishing

Why I shouldn't be allowed to used Super Glue

I've recently discovered Swap-bot, a website where you can sign up for swaps of all kinds of items. Sounds fun right? Yup, I got to send my first international package the other day - to Chile! I participated in an Orange Craft swap, we traded a list of specific crafts items that are orange in color. After I finished collecting the items I needed to complete the swap - complete with making these cute notecards, I decided to send a little extra to my swap partner and started working on some cute flower hair clips, first I made a pair of pink binders with pearls beads in the center, then I started on an orange flower clip. I didn't want the clip to fall apart so I used some super glue...and ended up gluing most of my fingers to the hair clip - whoops! I managed to get my fingers unglued and I got the hair clip put together, it turned out well. And while I think that super glue will hold better than hot glue, next time I'll stick to the glue gun :-) Here's a picture of my complete hair binders and clips.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Give A-Way on Embelished Bayou

Check out her blog at to enter! Also check out her Etsy store for fun frames, wall/door hangings, handmade soaps and much more! Beautiful work and fantastic ideas for other projects in her blog!