Thursday, September 4, 2008

Couch to what?

I decided to start a Couch to 5K program this weekend. I'm scared as all get out! I need to get off my fat azz and start doing something and this opportunity presented itself through an internet forum so here I go. FI said to me the other day, that we should start doing something to get in shape since we are down to 8 mo before our wedding. And we have been trying to get in shape for more than a year, through many different paths. So far, we've only been getting fatter. But the closer I get to needing to try on wedding dresses the more motivated I am. Which reminds me, I need to call my cousin B and get her to kick my butt. Hopefully, with FI doing it and B on my case and the Pets board I'll actually make it. We're signing up to run a "Turkey Trot" on or near Thanksgiving! Agh, I'm scared!