Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ladder ball

My husband really wanted a ladderball set for our backyard. After pricing them, we decided that we could make our own pretty easily and less expensively. I think we spend around $15. And ours looks something like this...(picture from

We used 3/4" PVC and from the measurements off a ladderball package at the store, I figure out the lengths we needed to cut.

Here's what we purchased:
40 ft 3/4" PVC
4 3/4" elbows
12 3/4" T-joints
8 3/4" end caps
12 cheap golfballs
2 cans of spray paint (red & blue)
We had on hand: thin nylon rope, saw

Here's what we cut:
8 35" pieces (for the bottom)
12 18" pieces (to make the sides)
6 24" pieces for the cross bars

I don't have the length on the rope we cut, we just eyeballed it. Then we drilled one hole in each of the golf balls and used E600 glue to attach the rope. Each rope has 2 golf balls attached. We made 6 sets. We painted them after we had assembled them. 3 blue sets and 3 red sets.

Hubby also taped and spray painted designs on the cross bars of our ladderball set.

Once we had the set completed, Hubby wanted a bag to put the ladderball in. So we found some cheap outdoor fabric at Handcock Fabrics ($2.99/yard) and I whipped up a bag using a modified version of this yoga bag tutorial from Sew4Home. The only thing I changed was the length of the bag (mine is 37")and the length of the strap (mine is 44"), and I added a second pocket, but left off the flaps and just attached the velcro to the backside of the pocket and the bag. I also made my pockets pleated for a little extra room for the balls.

Here you can see the pockets on the front of the bag.
Here you can see the side of the bag and the strap. Sorry the pics are dark, I had to snap them quick while it was storming outside.

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