Saturday, March 20, 2010

What's in my purse??

Here's a fun little blog game that's going around. Learn a few things about me by what I carry in my purse :-)

Purse: TINY crossbody bag, in boring black.  I just switched from a Ginormous Hobo bag to this tiny thing - BIG change.  But it's might lighter to carry around!

1) wallet - new, funky green and much smaller than my previous wallet, which was weighing my purse down

2) Calendar
3) Sunglasses - in a case made by me, I hate it when my sunglasses are all scratched up
4) Pen - a must have!
5) Gum
6) Keys
7) Lotion
8) Hand Sanatizer
9) baggie of Ibuprofen - never know when you're gonna need it :-)

Sorry, the picture didn't turn out very well!

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