Tuesday, June 9, 2009

started some sewing projects!

I am on a mission to only make gifts for my sister's upcoming birthday. She is turning twenty and just moved into a house near her college campus, so I've got tons of potential projects!

Starting with a shower curtain, remember those bed sheet I mentioned buying in my last post? I'm turning the flat sheet into a shower curtain for her new house. So far it's taken me two days to get it cut down to size, ironed and to get the first hem folded and ironed into place. Of course about an hour yesterday was spent, getting mom's sewing machine out and finding a place to set it up, which required clearing a space. Got everything clean, machine set up and then started ironing. Finished ironing in just enough time to realize that the needle on the sewing machine is broken :-( And we didn't have any extras :-(

So I ironed 5 more projects, maybe I'll get to start sewing tomorrow.

For fun, here's a picture of one of the projects I'm working on, courtesy of Martha Stewart

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