Wednesday, June 17, 2009

crafty girl sucess!

After much frustration, some choice words and several pin pricks, I have sucessfully completed a wonderful array of sewing projects that I'm excited to announce! Thanks to Betz White at Betz White, I completed two tank tops for my sister, inspired by her pillow case tank. My sister is quite a fashionista and her wardrobe does not include vintage anything, so I made the tanks with some cute fabric I found on sale at Joann Fabrics. I thought they turned out quite well. However I was in such a rush to finish them before we went out for supper for Laura's birthday, I completely forgot to take pictures.

I also completed the Martha Stewart Terry Cloth Caddy as seen in the post below. This project was the cause of most of my frustration! Sewing the towel was just not going well, my thread kept breaking, my towel kept getting stuck in the sewing machine feed, it was awful! But a surprise phone call from a friend and fellow youth worker led to a solution - adjusting the tension of the thread. Once I adjusted the tension, all was well and I completed my projected almost immediately.

So sorry for another post with no pictures - I'll do better next time!
Keep Crafting!

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