Thursday, June 18, 2009

I love tutorials!

I am not a girly girl at all, but being a (mostly) working woman requires that I slap on some make up once and a while. But since I don't wear it everyday, I keep my small stash of make up in a small make up bag in my purse (then I always have it for quick needs) But I was having trouble finding a make up bad that was long enough for the eye shadow brush I use. The bristles of the brush were always bent and hard to use. The solution to my problem came thanks to One Pretty Thing and their Daily DIY posts full of great tutorials for fun projects. I found this great tutorial for a Little Pouch on Uber Crafter. I made several of my own, perfect for make up, sunglasses, even business cards! Here's a few pictures of my make up bag. It's a little floppy, I think if I make more I'll use a little interfacing to give the bag some umph to stand up on it's own. For the ones I already made I plan to iron them with some starch and see if that helps. Sorry for the weird pictures, I took them in the car this morning after I put on my make-up. Thanks to my hubby for driving the carpool everyday so I can apply make up in the car :-)

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