Thursday, June 18, 2009

A favorite project

At my house, we frequently get our glassware confused...well, mostly my dad just swipes the closest glass and claims it's his, leaving the rest of us wonder which glass really is ours. We pondered this for a while, trying to decide what would be the best way to distinguish our glassware...and finally decided on the glass cozy, similar to the coffee cozy. Using this tutorial from the Object Project, I created the glass cozy. I chose a distinctive fabric for each person in the family...the ones you see pictured to the right are mine (purple), Mom's (yellow) and my sisters (pink). And while Mom threatens to steal my purple one, they are working out great so far. Not pictures are the ones that belong to my Dad (hunter orange) and my hubby (red with cowboy stuff). I also have fabric picked out for my brother (camo). With all the fabric in my stash you'd think I could come up with something for my sister in law, but I'm just not sure yet. I also need something for Laura's boyfriend. I'm sure that I will find just the thing for each of them in time.

Thanks to The Object Project for the great tutorial! In case you are interested in making your own glass cozies, here are some modifications I made to the tutorial from The Object Project. I used quilter's cotton, and I did not line it. After a trip to Caribou Coffee, I made a copy of the paper coffee sleeve, enlarging it to 125%. I had to trim the ends of the copy to about 1/2 and inch longer than the original sleeve as the enlargement made the sleeve much longer than needed. I used this copy as my pattern to get the shape of the cozy correct. Also instead of using velcro, I pinned and stitched my cozies together, as we needed to slide them up the glass to get them tight enough to stay on. I used my machine to stich them together and it was quite difficult because the circle is smaller on one side than the other, but I dispise hand sewing :-) Also, as you can tell, I skipped the photo frame. I think they turned out great! And we are all excited to be able to identify our drinking glasses!

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  1. Why didn't I think of that! That will work great with the kids cups - then there is no excuse for more than one a day!! Thanks!