Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day Dinner

I'm thinking that our menu is turning out to be fabulous!

Here's what on the agenda:

BBQ pork chops with homemade BBQ sauce (I'll post the recipe)
grilled veggies, whatever looks good at the farmer's market this weekend - Although my dad LOVES Asparagus, so we might go with that.  If we do then I'll be making another veggie, because I don't like Asparagus (Mom doesn't either.)
I'm considering making some Tabule, because I love it and I've been thinking obsessing about it ever since a co-worker made a big batch at brought it for lunch almost all week last week :-)
My mom is bringing some fruit, which will probably include some of the strawberries we are going to pick on Saturday.
I'll also do some bread, I've got a french loaf of take-n-bake bread in my freezer, which is easy to throw in the oven and bake.
I am making my mom Strawberry Tart, which is super yummy and topped with the fresh strawberries we are picking on Saturday.

It should be yummy!

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