Friday, February 19, 2010

Joey Pack...

I was working a retreat last weekend and saw one of the pastors carrying around a drawstring backpack like the free ones you get a conferences/events with sponsors logos on them...similar to this one...
Marianne was knitting out of her backpack...which seems like it might be quite the feat, except that she was wearing it in front of her instead of behind. She called it her "Joey Pack" (Joey, meaning baby kangaroo). I thought it was brilliant and immediately wished that I had a drawstring backpack like the one she was carrying.

So when I got home from the retreat, I went to my Google reader and did a search...and found a bunch of posts. I liked this one the best. So I got to work, I used a thrifted pillowcase that I had been planning to make a tote bag out of anyway! I used a grosgain ribbon for the straps and viola I had my own "joey pack". Now to find the perfect patterns to test it out next weekend at my retreat! Here's how mine turned out...


  1. That is so CUTE! My daughter has one she uses for Track and gym class. I love your handmade one better....great job.

  2. Thanks! It was pretty easy actually.