Saturday, January 15, 2011

OC (Organizing Challenge) - The Junk Drawer


I need a few more baskets or something to contain the pens and stuff, but I am planning to move most of them to the office/printer desk. That's next on the list of things to organize.

I tossed a lot of things in the garbage, moved a few items to new homes like the 7 packs of gum, the box of envelopes that was causing the drawer not to open all the way and my never used palm pilot.

I was so into the organizing last night that I decided to do a couple of cupboards too, we had some stuff sitting out on the counter from packing lunches all week and I wanted it put away. I wish I had taken before shots of these cabinets because they were pretty messy!

To continue to motivate myself to catch up in the Organizing Challenge, I took before pictures of a lot of the spaces that I'll be working on. Including: under the sink, the pantry, the dreaded tupperware mess (it's in the pantry), the laundry closet and my disastrous dresser (it's so bad I didn't even take a picture of the drawers, just the top).

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