Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some Goals for 2011...

You may have noticed that I haven't been blogging much lately. Life is crazy busy, which is not that unusual. But the constant state of disarray in my craft room is killing my creativity. I managed to scrape out a few Christmas presents, but it was tough.

Therefore my #1 goal for 2011 is to get my craft room in order! So I'm laying it all out here...maybe you guys can keep me in line :-)
1) Wash, iron and fold/hang all fabric
2) add shelving, starting with the closet (I think)
3) Organize thread, bobbins, ribbons, other embellishments
4) get floor picked up enough to vacuum
5) Organize sewing table
6) Remove all non-craft related items from craftroom
7) find a way to store the GIANT roll of butcher paper that's not behind the door
8) paint chairs and re-cover seats

Once the craft room is cleaned and organized (which will probably take me all year), I've got a list of projects that I'd like to work on. I've organized these into 3 categories - Make Now, Make Later and Make for Christmas 2011. So I'm going to go ahead and list these here too.

Make Now:
  • Dog collar
  • Patchy rug for back door
  • Pointer finger pin cushion
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Gift sacks
  • Grocery sacks
  • Ruffled key wristlets
  • Sewn Wrist warmers

Make Later:

  • Eye pillows
  • Slippers
  • Gathered clutches
  • Patchwork makeup bags
  • Best friend gift sets
  • Bed organizer
  • Quilt-y scarves
  • Wine glass charms
  • Covered clothes pins
  • Fingertip hot pads

Make for Christmas:

  • Tree Skirt
  • Table Runner
  • Table Cloth
  • Gift sacks

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