Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why I shouldn't be allowed to used Super Glue

I've recently discovered Swap-bot, a website where you can sign up for swaps of all kinds of items. Sounds fun right? Yup, I got to send my first international package the other day - to Chile! I participated in an Orange Craft swap, we traded a list of specific crafts items that are orange in color. After I finished collecting the items I needed to complete the swap - complete with making these cute notecards, I decided to send a little extra to my swap partner and started working on some cute flower hair clips, first I made a pair of pink binders with pearls beads in the center, then I started on an orange flower clip. I didn't want the clip to fall apart so I used some super glue...and ended up gluing most of my fingers to the hair clip - whoops! I managed to get my fingers unglued and I got the hair clip put together, it turned out well. And while I think that super glue will hold better than hot glue, next time I'll stick to the glue gun :-) Here's a picture of my complete hair binders and clips.

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