Friday, August 28, 2009

Vacation Yay!

I'm back from a fabulous week of vacation! Lots of sun, family and fun activities - including shopping of course :-) TONS of pic to upload, laundry to do and of course crafts to catch up on! Good thing I still have another weekend before it's back to work! Here's a quick recap with pictures!

First a Trip to the Forest History Center and back in time to the winter of 1900, when white pine logging was prime in Northern MN.
Then a trip to the Chippewa National Forest's Lost Forty, 144 acres of land that was incorrectly surveyed during the height of the logging period, this land has never been logged. Here's Jon and I with a 350 year old White Pine - we couldn't get our arms all the way around it.

Lastly a trip to the Hill Annex Mine to learn about the Mining of Iron Ore.

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