Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The quest for...knitting of course!

I started working on initial bags for my sister and my cousin Olivia for their bridesmaid gifts for being in my wedding. I'm so proud of myself - the wedding's not until April! I finished the front side of Laura's, it's looking pretty cool with the lower case l. She's getting the bigger bag, because she always carries around lots of stuff - including snacks. She usually has several days worth of snacks in her purse :-) Laura's bag will be hot pink with purple accents. I also started the front side of O's bag. She's younger and really doesn't need to carry around as much stuff as Laura, so she's getting the smaller bag, O's purse will be in the opposite color's from Laura, purple with hot pink accents. I'll add pics of L's purse front when I can. I'm so excited.

Laura was here to visit me this weekend and picked out several other pattern's out of my book for me to make for her...alligator mittens, a pink and green purse, a cute and very 50's era sweater. Looks like I'm going to be a busy girl! Gotta get a new job so I can afford the yarn!

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