Saturday, May 8, 2010

Your Personal Info - Be Aware!

Thanks to Kim at Kim Sherrod Studios for providing this information.
Your personal info is on there, anything they can find on you from third-party sources, such as social networking sites, surveys, etc.  You have to pay for a membership to see the full information, which I was not going to do.

If you want to remove your listing: Copy and paste the url page of your info. Go to the bottom and click on their privacy link, paste your url page to remove your info from their listing. A lot of the info they have on you is accurate so don't wait, go and remove it. They will send you an e-mail confirmation. Check your e-mail and click the link to completely remove your info from their site.

I checked this out both at and at  Here's the link to the Snopes info...they are calling this legit.

I requested that the two pages related to me be removed (one for two different addresses I've lived at) and when I searched again I couldn't find them.  However, I simply did the free search, I am not going to be giving my credit card info to them!  Other people have commented that their information was listed incorrectly - at a previous address, so you may not need to be concerned, but it's good to know what's out there about you!

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